Friday, May 2, 2014

26 Weeks

How far along? 26 weeks. If I counted right….I should have 93 days to go! Whoo hoo double digits!
Maternity clothes? You betcha, the belly is finally showing! 
Sleep: Not so good lately. I haven’t slept very ‘sound’ the past couple of nights. I wake up several times in the middle of the night to toss and turn.   
Best moment this week: My mom and sister got to feel Parker move.  I also got to have dinner and catch up with some of my SCJ pals! I am glad to have had the chance to work with such great people and maintained a friendship with them.
Food cravings this week: Brownies
Belly button in or out? Adding this category to the list this week. My belly button is still “IN” but it definitely doesn't look the same anymore as it previously has.
Miss anything? With softball and volleyball leagues starting up for the summer I am very saddened that I have to sit this year out. What a bummer considering these two things are some of my top favorite things to do.
 Symptoms: Lots of movement!! He’s discovered my ribs this past week and will typically push on them several times throughout the day. It kind of tickles right now, but I am sure will get more painful once he gets bigger and stronger. CJ and I have also discovered that if we watch closely, we can see my stomach bulge in the place that I am being kicked. It’s really exciting to know that he is moving around and I love that I can ‘see’ him. On the other hand, I kind of get creeped out when I look at my bare stomach and I see him move. I feel like there is an alien in there! J But I do seem to get more enjoyment out of him moving around than being creeped out.
This week baby is the size of a: scallion (looks like a green onion)
Baby’s development this week: He is starting to inhale and exhale amniotic fluid. He should be able to hear my voice and the people that I talk to. Also, just in case you felt like you were missing this information from your life: his testicles should begin to descend into his scrotum which will take 2-3 months to happen. He should measure to about 14 inches and about 1 2/3 pound – 2lbs.
New baby items (purchased or received):  Lots of goodies this week! He received a ‘turtle onesie’ from Auntie Mandee (the turtle is an inside joke because Mandee drives like a turtle when backing up in our driveway), a hand me down crib mattress from another friend. Also from my wonderful SCJ friends they bought: a bumbo seat & tray (it is a foam seat that he will be able to sit in once he can sit up), 2 outfits w/ an elephant on it, 1 elephant sleeper, and a matching elephant receiving blanket. 
Feeling (Happy, Moody, other):  Getting really anxious! I am also starting to get really nervous about the labor and delivery process. It seems very scary.
Looking forward to: May 9th!  
Other Things Going On:  What’s on May 9th? Back at our anatomy scan on March 14th,  CJ and I were informed that I have ‘Placenta Previa’ which means that my placenta is laying very low and is covering my cervix. Having this condition puts me at a greater risk for bleeding throughout the pregnancy and may lead to me having a C-section to avoid hemorrhaging during a regular birth. If I start to bleed any time throughout the pregnancy, I will most likely be put on bed rest as there is really no way to control the condition besides resting.
There are 3 different forms of this Previa. There is one that is called ‘marginal’ which is where the placenta is next to the cervix but not covering it.  Then there is the ‘partial’ which semi covers the cervix, and then there is the ‘complete’ Previa which fully covers the cervix. I of course have the ‘complete’ Previa which puts me at a high risk for bleeding at some point during the pregnancy. I was told that I do not need to change any of my daily activities for the time being but if I start bleeding I need to be examined immediately. The only restriction I have is no sex. (Sorry for the TMI!)
The doctor expects that I have an 80% chance of the Previa moving upwards on its own since it is my first pregnancy, but if it has not moved by May 9th then she will recommend that I have a C section closer to the due date for both mine and Parker’s health. I went in for my monthly check up on Wednesday, and she was really amazed that I have not yet had any bleeding yet. I consider that a plus!
I have been pretty worked up and very worried since finding out, but I know there is nothing that I can really do. I try to take things easy and make sure that I get enough rest. I definitely hope that I do not get put on bed rest as I would love to spend my 12 weeks by being with Parker and not just waiting for Parker while sitting in a hospital bed!  
So to recap, the worst case scenario would be that I was put on bed rest and most likely have a c-section. The good news, Parker would probably be here as soon as mid July  vs August! Of course all of this information is still up in the air because we have to see how I’ve progressed, but it is something that I have been very worried about for the past 7 weeks.
Keep your fingers crossed that we receive better news on May 9th!  On the other hand I’d love for Parker to come in July because then I don’t have to wait until August!

One last update, I had the much dreaded Glucose test on Wednesday at my monthly check up. The Glucose test is where I have to drink that sugary drink and they draw blood 1 hour later to see if I have gestational diabetes. I’ve always heard that this is a dreaded test among pregnant people and the drink you have to drink is horrible. Since I had a horrible picture in my head about this test, I too was a little worried about having this test done, but I personally did not think the drink was too bad. It basically tasted like the juice from a melted Orange “Freeze-Ice Popsicle.” I received the results yesterday and I do NOT have Gestational Diabetes! Yay! 

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