Wednesday, May 21, 2014

29 Weeks

How far along? 29 Weeks
Sleep: Good, since I am tired all of the time!
Best moment this week: My best moment this past week has been soaking up the warmer weather and sunshine and getting the crib set up
Food cravings this week: Rice Krispy treats
Belly button in or out? My belly button is still “In” but it definitely doesn’t look the same anymore.
Miss anything? This week I miss being able to easily go for a ‘normal’ walk. A normal walk consists of a walk over 1 mile and not getting so tired, as well as not having to feel like I have to pee every 10 minutes!    
Gender: BOY!!! Parker Torosian
 Symptoms: Lots of movement!! Movements seem to have gotten pretty strong lately. He seems to hang out right where my bra wire and belly meet & also by my ribs which make it really uncomfortable when he’s moving around. If you watch closely you can see my belly move or poke out where he is moving. Since being pregnant I wasn’t too fond knowing that something is living & moving inside my belly, but I have actually grown quite fond of feeling him move. It’s not the most comfortable feeling by any means, but I take comfort in knowing that he is moving and doing ok. I get very worried when I don’t feel him for a long period of time and begin to slightly panic over the thought that something could be wrong. I realize in those moments just how attached I am to this little guy and we haven’t even met each other yet.  
This week baby is the size of a: Butternut Squash
Baby’s development this week: Muscles and lungs are continuing to mature. His head is also growing bigger for his developing brain.  He should measure to about 15 inches and weigh about 2 ½ lbs.
New baby items (purchased or received):  I ordered a moose rug and a black bear decoration/knick knack. The head on the moose rug is about the size of Sasha! (Pictures below)
Feeling (Happy, Moody, other):  Excited! 11 weeks doesn’t seem so far away, but when I think that I still have to finish May, and then go through June & July then that makes 11 weeks seem so far away.   

Looking forward to: This weekend, Memorial Day weekend! Headed up north to the cabin for a long weekend! Weather is expected to be in the 70’s with a low of 50’s! Perfect weather to be at the cabin.
Black Bear knick knack. 

Moose Rug. I had Lacey lay on the rug just so you could see howl large the moose rug is. Also can you find Sasha in this picture???? She is hiding!  You'll notice a little face to the right of Lacey's front paws and hiding under the blue blanket! 

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