Tuesday, March 25, 2014

21 Weeks

How far along? 21 weeks
Maternity clothes? Yes. I can no longer button any of my pants. I have been doing this handy dandy trick where I take a hair tie or rubberband and make a loop around my button and through the button hole so I can still fit into my regular work pants and jeans!
Sleep: I have been so sleepy all of a sudden. I feel like I could sleep all the time! I’ve heard that it gets worse as the 3rd trimester comes around. I get an hour for lunch so a lot of the times I will go into an empty office if a doctor is out and take a nap for 30 minutes or so. I feel much more refreshed afterwards! J
Best moment this week: CJ turned 27 this week! I officially signed Parker’s name to CJ’s card for the first time!
Movement:  Yes, the movements are getting a little stronger than just the little flutters. It feels like someone has made a fist and is lightly moving it around in circles.  I thought by now I would feel more movement than what I do but have to keep in mind that he is still pretty little! CJ still has not been able to feel Parker yet though.  
Food cravings this week: I’ve really wanted Captain Crunch cereal, but I have not yet given in to those cravings!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing new in this category!
Gender: BOY!!! Parker Torosian
 Symptoms: Heartburn which seems to be almost daily now. I have also started to get some lower back pain.
This week baby is the size of: Carrot
Baby’s development this week:  Parker’s eyelids and eyebrows have now formed on his face. He should measure to about 10 ½ inches and about 12 ounces.
New baby items (purchased or received):  I did not purchase or receive anything this week, but I did call 2 daycares to see if they had any openings in October for when we would be needing daycare and to get some more information about the day care. I am going to look at my first daycare on Hwy. 45 in North Cape, Thursday on my way home work. I better bring a notebook so I know what to ask and then write down the answers so I don’t forget! Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should ask? (If so comment below!)
I also can't help but feeling that I am in a bit of a pickle:  I feel so accomplished by calling the 2 daycares as I have been dreading this part of the process, but I just don't know what the best thing to do is. I would really like to have Parker stay closer to home so CJ (or a grandma/grandpa) can help pick him up. But with me working so far from home I struggle with the question "what do I do when he has a doctor's appointment?"  (Most likely we will have to find a dr. in Milwaukee because that's where my insurance covers.) At that point I say, well it would be easier for him to be closer to my work so I can drop off and pick up and then take him to an appointment right away. But then I have the question of "well what if I am sick?" I can't just run him up to Milwaukee and then me drive home, then back up to Milwaukee to pick him up and then home again! He would almost have to stay home with me when I was sick so I didn't have to run up to Milwaukee. CJ may not always have a job up in Milwaukee so it would be hard for him to help pick up and drop off if we found a day care in Milwaukee. That's my current dilemma, but I guess my gut is saying that being closer to home is the better option. 
Feeling (Happy, Mooody, other):  Excited!  Between my motivation returning and starting to get Parker’s room organized, I am quite excited to start seeing progress.  I also like that I can start calling him by his name vs ‘Baby’. 

Looking forward to: Getting Parker’s room painted this weekend!  

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