Wednesday, March 19, 2014

20 weeks!!! Baby is a BOY!!!!

How far along? 20 weeks = ½ way there!
Best moment this week: This was absolutely an amazing week! 

 For those that did not know, we held a gender reveal party on Friday night for all of our close friends and family to come find out what baby was going to be! CJ and I went in for the ultrasound on Friday March 14th at 1:45. We explained to the nurse that we would like to find out what baby is, but still would like it to be a surprise. We asked her to write down the sex in an envelope and seal it.  She did just as we asked. (Believe it or not we did not peek!)  From the ultrasound we walked back to my work and gave the envelope to my coworker. (All of my ultrasound appointments are up here at Froedtert.) My coworker then took a box that I had decorated and filled it with whatever color balloons the paper in the envelope said. From there she brought the sealed box out to the party where we opened the box in front of everyone to see! Blue balloons floated up to the ceiling!

CJ and I both agreed that it was more special finding out the way we did than if we would have found out at the actual ultrasound appointment! A huge thank you goes out to Amber Robinson for helping in coordinating this big surprise!

I also decided to get my butt in gear and start working on baby’s room now that we know baby is a boy. I set a goal for myself that I needed to clean out dresser #2 and the closet this weekend so painting could happen while CJ is at nationals in Reno in 2 weekends. Thanks to my mom, baby’s room is clean and all furniture has been moved around to make room for a crib and is now ready for painting!

CJ and I decided to name our little man Parker! CJ picked the name Parker as it comes from a brand of hunting bows. Since Parker is associated with hunting & being outdoors, I made the executive decision to go with an outdoorsy nursery theme which would include woodland animals like deer or bears and pine trees.  I knew CJ would not be disappointed with that nursery idea! Colors will be based on tans, greens, and browns.

This week baby is the size of: a banana. Parker weighed approximately 10 oz. at the appt on Friday.

New baby items (purchased or received):  Ok I couldn’t help myself by purchasing a few items now that I FINALLY know that baby is a boy! I purchased a Vera Bradley diaper bag, I’ve always said I wanted one so when I was in the area I made sure to scoop one up! I also purchased a few outfits at a children’s resale event called “Just Between Friends.” Parents of younger kids – take note that “Just Between Friends” is a good place to get gently used, and reasonably priced clothes, some even still had the original store tags on them! I picked up 5 outfits for less than $20. I also made a trip over to Jennifer’s house, my sister in law, as she had a few items for me as well! From her house I was able to scoop up a high chair, rocking chair, bathing tub, a couple wash cloths, towels, and a pack and play!   

Balloon Box

Parker = 19 weeks

20 weeks = size of a banana

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  1. YAY! YAY! YAY! Look at that little bump. I am glad that you are finally starting to show. Lucky you that it took you this long. I am so EXCITED for you!