Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Start of Second Trimester

Second Trimester

February 3 starts week 14 and the second trimester!! Yay I made it out of the first trimester which was not very fun for me since I have been sick 90% of the time. At 14 weeks I am still feeling kind of nauseous but not as much as the first 13 weeks. I have made it 6 days without getting sick, although I had to start over at day 7. :( That's ok though, as I now can appreciate not feeling nauseous all of the time!  

February, 3, 2014

We heard the heartbeat for the first time at 14 weeks! Dr. Burke (my doctor in Milwaukee) says that baby has a strong heartbeat and sounds healthy. The heartbeat was 145.  You know they say in the old wives tales  that heartbeats 140’s and under will indicate a boy, and heartbeat’s 140 and over will be a girl. Of course, we are right in the middle, so it could indicate a boy or girl still! But as I have done more research about the heartbeats, I really can't go off of what the heartbeat is. Guess we will just have to wait until the next ultrasound! I do however, have a feeling that baby will be a boy. That's just a thought that I have had since finding out we were expecting. Of course I would take a healthy baby in either gender. 

February 11, 2014 - 15 weeks

Here's where I was going to change up my posts since I am caught up on my blogging & in the current pregnancy week. I have looked at a few blogs that mommies will post generic information and milestones during that week as well as post a picture of their bump. I figured I would follow suit and do something similar.  I probably won't post pictures every week, but I will post occasional photos. If you would like me to include other information in addition to the information below just let me know! 

How far along? 15 weeks today
Maternity clothes? None yet
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty good. No crazy / out of the ordinary dreams that some people claim to get.
Best moment this week: Going 6 days and not getting sick!
Miss anything? Having an occasional drink, and lunch meat
Movement: I think so. I will occasionally feel a flutter once a day or every other day. I could describe it as a goldfish bumping into the side of it's tank! Could also be compared to a muscle twitch.
Food cravings this week: Milk & Fruit Loops (not together)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Smell of pizza
Gender: We don’t know yet. We will find out on March 14th!!!
Symptoms: Weeks 14-15 seem to be a little better with less nausea, but still not 100%. I have been getting headaches which they say are common for 2nd trimester. 
This week baby is the size of: a softball
Baby's development this week: About 4 inches long and weighs around 2.5 ounces. Baby can move all of its joints and limbs. Baby is also forming taste buds this week. 
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time: Feeling kind of blah. I’d say my mood is pretty neutral & just going through the motions. Not too happy or too sad.

Looking forward to: March 4th - next heartbeat, March 14th – gender! April 9-15 Vacation in Florida!!! 

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