Wednesday, February 19, 2014

16 Weeks

How far along? 16 weeks
Maternity clothes? None yet, but pretty soon. I’ve started to put away some of my “smaller”
 shirts because they are fitting tighter than what I like. By the end of the night I can’t wait to put on stretchy pants as my pants get really tight by the time I am done with work! A few times I have had to unbutton my pants because they are really tight by the end of the day!
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty good.
Best moment this week: Spending the weekend with CJ enjoying our 4 year anniversary. We spent the weekend up north at our family cabin in Antigo. It was nice and relaxing with just the two of us and our fur baby – Lacey.
Miss anything? Hot tubs! I wanted to go to the Dells for our anniversary but CJ said no because I am not allowed in hot tubs! Don’t want to cook baby!
Movement: I’m thinking so. I felt more flutters than I previously have. Feels like a muscle twitch, but for how often it happens I’m thinking it’s movement and not a muscle twitch.
Food cravings this week: Milk (still). This week I am adding French toast to the cravings list! Can’t seem to get enough French toast this week!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Smell of pizza & all of the bumps in the roads. This winter has been brutal on the roads by us. I seem to notice every bump.
Gender: We will find out on March 14th!!! We did do this ‘just for fun’ test called Intelligender. It basically works like a pregnancy test, but the results are by color. Deep Orange = girl, and Dark Green = boy. The company claims to be about 80% accurate in their results. I’m not going to share the results because we might be doing a gender reveal party and I don’t want any biased opinions of what baby might be!
 Symptoms: ‘night sickness’ came back to visit me for 3 nights this past week. L
This week baby is the size of: an Avacado
Baby’s development this week:  Baby should be about 4 ½ inches and weighs about 3 ½ ounces. It’s heart pumps about 25 quarts throughout it’s body in one whole day! It’s also supposed to be listening to my voice. (Too bad baby’s not listening to me when I tell it that it needs to stop making me sick!)
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: I am getting really tired of the cold weather & snow. I’m ready for (at least) 50’s & sunshine!
Looking forward to: Our fur baby turns 4 this week.

Lacey is extremely sweet, loves to snuggle, and has a little bit of sass in her. She gets excited to see anyone and everyone, even if it’s only been 5 minutes since the last time she saw you. She has only been really naughty a few times which I am pretty thankful for. When she was about 5 months she ate a perfect hole through a whole watermelon that I just bought that morning, she destroyed a plant & dragged dirt all over our new carpet, attempted to eat Grandma Torosian’s wedding ring (luckily she spit it out!), escaped our tent in the middle of the night/early morning when we were camping in our yard, and ate ½ of dad’s $100 bill (which we were able to replace with a new one!)  Here’s to our first baby! 

16 Week Pictures! Sorry about the bad pictures it was late at night and I was already in my pjs! 


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