Wednesday, July 9, 2014

36 Weeks = 9 Months! Final Month!!

How far along? 36 Weeks = 9 months FINAL MONTH & considered “early term”  
Sleep: Good, minus having to wake up at least once a night, but I guess that’s pretty easy considering what is about to come!
Best moment this week: Going up north again for a 3 day weekend over 4th of July! Being able to pontoon most of the day Friday! Also watching the fireworks from the pontoon boat on the lake.
Belly button in or out? slightly slanted but still in
Wedding rings on or off? On as long as the swelling stays down
Gender: BOY!!! Parker Torosian
 Symptoms: Felt baby hiccup for the first time this past week! They lasted about 2-3 minutes and felt like a rhythmic pulse. I was beginning to think I wouldn’t feel hiccups as not every baby gets hiccups in the womb! My other new symptom is the swollen ankles. If I stand on my feet too long or get too hot my right ankle tends to swell leaving me with a cankle! L Usually with lots of elevating & cooler weather the swelling goes down and looks like a normal ankle again! 
This week baby is the size of a: head of romaine lettuce
 Baby’s development this week: He should measure just over 18 1/2 inches & weigh about 5 ¾  lbs. He should gain an ounce a week until he is born. Baby should be head down by now, but I haven’t felt too many rib kicks lately so I am not really sure if he is or not. I’ll find out more on Friday.
New baby items (purchased or received):  None
Feeling (Happy, Moody, other):  Happy as Parker should be here within the next 3 weeks

Looking forward to: I go in for my 36 week checkup this week along with seeing if I am progressing at all. The appointment isn’t until Friday, so stay tuned until next weeks posting! 

Couple pictures to share from this past week: 
Hard day of pontooning on the lake up north at the cabin

Wine rack is finally up in the kitchen!!  How awesome does this look?!  Now I just need to stock up on the wine! 

36 Weeks! Parker should be here soon! 

Snapshot of past 4 months

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