Tuesday, July 15, 2014

37 Weeks

How far along? 37 Weeks
Sleep: Good, minus having to wake up at least once a night, but I guess that’s pretty easy considering what is about to come!
Best moment this week: Finished a big project for Parker’s room (Pic included below)
Belly button in or out? slightly slanted but still in
Wedding rings on or off? On
Gender: BOY!!! Parker Torosian
 Symptoms: I felt another hiccup session this past week. Lots of movement.  
This week baby is the size of a: bunch of swiss chard (?) Not sure what that is!
 Baby’s development this week: He should measure just about 19 inches & weigh about 6 1/3   lbs.
New baby items (purchased or received):  Purchased a few larger outfits that were on sale for Parker to wear next summer. Right now Parker has about as many 0-3 months clothes as I do in my closet!
Feeling (Happy, Moody, other):  SOOOO excited!
Looking forward to: 3rd and final baby shower this weekend! I am just missing all of the “feeding” items, so I am really hoping to get everything we need in order to feed Parker since I plan to pump and then bottle feed.

Other Things Going On:  
Last Friday I had my 36 week appointment and the doctor confirmed that baby is head down and in position. I am not dilated yet, but my cervix has thinned to 5o%. That means baby is starting to get ready to arrive! Woo hoo! I know everyone is as excited as CJ and I are to finally meet this little guy. I now start weekly doctor appointments so hopefully that will help pass the time.
Saturday, CJ and I did a ‘baby tour’ as I like to call it which is basically a hospital tour so when the time comes we know where to go! The tour brought comfort in knowing where I will need to go, what the labor & delivery, recovery, and nursery rooms all look like. My hope is that everything will start progressing while I am at work so I can just  get wheeled over to the labor & delivery room!

As of last night, I officially have Parker’s and my hospital bag packed. Parker’s going home outfits are still up for debate though as I keep changing my mind, I’m also keeping an open mind to see if I get a ‘winner’ at the shower this weekend! CJ does not have any of his belongings packed yet, but I assume he will pack within the next week or so. 
CJ's first "Dad's Day" gift arrived!
It says 'you are the greatest dad in the world! Love Parker"

One of the projects that CJ and I completed this week. CJ placed old barn wood together and I decorated it.
This hangs over Parker's crib on the wall. Sorry for the fuzzy picture! 

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